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We all knew that it was bound to happen. We have seen it coming especially since the economy is in such turmoil. It is the last thing a school district wants to hear…..budget cuts. It is a part of life that will be prevalent for many years to come until this economy pulls herself to her feet again. One number that i found astonishing was the figure on the personnel being laid off with the number quadrupling from 11% to 44% that is an outrageous number of faculty getting laid off. In a situation of budget cuts we all know what the first thing that is going to go, all the extra curricular activities. They also are taking a hit by increasing from 10% to 28% from last year. Cuts are never a good thing, it is so hard for a student to get a well rounded education when all of the arts are being cut. Everyone in a school district who is effected by budget cuts get hurt. On a positive note, of all the stimulus money given to the schools, 57% of the priority would be pushed towards new technology in the schools. At least with the little money that the schools are receiving you know it will be put to good use!

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